Pharmachem Road Show

04 December, 2008

Pharmachem Skillnet runs an information 'Roadshow' at Novartis....

John Ryall and Selena Furlong from the Pharmachem Skillnet Office spend 2 hours at Novartis handing out imformation to employees of Novartis and answering queries regarding training and development and the funding available through the network .  During the 2 hours on site we reckon that John and Selena  met with over 200 people and spread the work about the value of the Pharmachem Skillnet to many departments that may not have been as aware of the benefits of membership as others.  This was a great way of market the Skillnet and we would like to give special praise to Garry Benson for faciltating this event at Novartis.

This is the first of what we hope will be may such session right across the membership of the network. 

If you would like to run a similar session in your organisation please feel free to contact us to arrange it.